(Photo by Steve Heaslip / Cape Cod Times). One of his great strengths on both page and screen has always been what a potent and vivid presence he has.. Paul La Camera, general manager of WBUR Radio (90.9 FM), e-mails Media Nation about a recent report by Adam Reilly at ThePhoenix.com that he may bring former Boston Globe and sometime Boston Herald columnist Mike Barnicle to the public-radio powerhouse to do commentary: I write this as an individual with a personal history in the matter and not in any way on behalf of WBUR. In the 36 months since his senior prom, he fought in Iraq, returned to Cape Cod, redeployed to Afghanistan, and had now come home forever to a country and a culture that simply does not place enough value on the loss of those who go to a war that sometimes seems as forgotten as those who fight it. The Massachusetts native has written 4,000-plus columns collectively for The Boston Globe, Boston Herald and the New York Daily News, and continues to champion the struggles and triumphs of the every man by giving voice to the essential stories of today on television, radio, and in print. Nonetheless, once he was rehabilitated by Imus et al, he returned to his vicious, gratuitously sarcastic attacks on anyone he could find. Michael Barnicle Joins Law360s 2023 Aerospace & Defense Editorial Advisory Board. Perhaps after 30+ years of running a TV station, its hard to switch gears. Regardless of whether La Camera thinks its time to move on, it certainly seems several of us on MediaNation dont think so. Earlier this month, Storin demanded Barnicle's resignation after discovering that he used jokes from a book by George Carlin without attribution in an August 2 column. A friend of mine who worked on American Sniper for months and attended several screenings in places as different as Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City and Washington D.C. had an interesting observation that mutes some of the ideological wars that have consumed multiple critics conducting operations from the safety of their laptops and iPhones. So will Barnicle actually pop up on WBURs airwaves? As a senior contributor on MSNBCs Morning Joe and a columnist for The Daily Beast, Barnicle brings his incisive analytical style to stories and discussion ranging from the politics of the day, to the economy and jobs, international threats and aggressors, foreign policy, civil rights, gun control, education, poverty, health, veterans affairs and much more. (Sorry, Dan, but you should have known it then.) Whats Lydon got on public radio? What is truly amazing here is that La Camera portrays the Carlin incident as a singular event. It was once a huge railroad center when America moved mostly by train, before the automobile, the interstates, long after Lewis and Clark came through on the way to the Pacific.
W's service record shouldn't be such a big issue

. Mike Barnicle is a well-established name in the world of journalism. I knewI just knew.. On a drizzly morning in Cape Cod, all talk of birthers and beer summits was silenced as hundreds said goodbye to a fallen soldier. But the big one is 9/11. Federal government agencies routinely ask Mr. Barnicle to speak at internal government conferences regarding industry perspectives relative to various aspects of federal government contracting. Here is a Gingrich, then a Romney, a Santorum, a Paul, a Bachmann or Perry smiling, glad-handing, promoting, promising, pleading to be sent forward to New Hampshire and beyond by the handful of Iowans who will show up at caucuses Tuesday night. Ernie, man we dont tell you how to dial back the odometers, okay? In joining the firm, Mr. Barnicle said: Arnold & Porters premier Government Contracts practice includes a deep bench of attorneys with unlimited skill sets. CHICAGO, December 1, 2021 Arnold & Porter is pleased to announce that Michael Barnicle has joined the firms Government Contracts practice as a partner, resident A former editor there contacted Storin this week to tell him about the incident. "Unfortunately, they had already occurred to George Carlin. They held children on their shoulders, American flags and homemade posters in their grasp. I am also specifically directing this to you, since it appears your Media Nation site has become a certain center for the controversy. As I said to Adam Reilly of the Phoenix, it has been 10 years. And the wars drag on, touching only the few who serve and their families who remain here, praying nobody knocks on the door at night to tell them a sniper, an IED, an ambush or a fire-fight has claimed a son, husband, daughter or dad. From 1982-2005, Mike Barnicle was a regular contributor to WCVB-TVs nightly news magazine, Chronicle. Six years ago, Royko said a Barnicle piece about a penniless couple named Joe and Mary was at least inspired by an old Christmas column that Royko reprinted every year. Mike Barnicle and The Globe won praise with their coverage of the political and social upheaval that roiled Boston after the city instituted a mandatory, court-ordered school desegregation plan in the mid-1970s. Dan Kennedy, media writer for the Boston Phoenix, an alternative weekly, noted that "since the dismissal of Patricia Smith, Barnicle has really been under a microscope. For Afghanistan. He tells Chris Kyles child that his dad is a true hero who saved his life and the lives of other Marines through the devastating skill of his marksmanship, a sniper watching over the constant danger on the urban battlefield below. WebMike Barnicle is a fraud and a liar . Listen here: https://barnicle.969fmtalk.mobi/2009/05/13/51309-vp-dick-cheney.aspx?ref=rss. Where was that location? Media Nation is published under a Creative Commons Attribution- Noncommercial- Share Alike 4.0 United States License. . I really wish WBUR would have someone of the calibre and integrity or Amy Goodman, She certainly isnt available to them for hire (nor would NEWS be well served by having her under their numbing control), but her show could easily be carried by WBUR, and would be much easier to catch it that way than getting it off cable it only airs at noon and 6pm in Arlington, and neither time is good, and BCs signal at noon is weak and still is a bad time for me.So I have to use the Internet, but would much prefer having her hour show on WBUR perhaps mid afternoon and sometime in the evening. A check of hospital records showed no indication of a black child dying in the month Barnicle recounted. And when the film was screened at one site in Washington there was only a heavy silence. If not, he has nothing by way of those on the street stories that both propelled him forward and sunk him in the end. They could have all the fabricators of the day: Barnacle, Carr, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Patricia Smith, Joseph Ellis, and pretty much anyone from FOX, and most any pundit from any talking head show.On second thought, weve got enough of those already. Boston Globe, 11/30/2008. 09/18/09: Barnicle talks about Jared Monti receiving the Medal of Honor yesterday. Its all well and good to say you need to build a new audience for tomorrow, but its not much good if you kill your station off today in the process.That said, I still think there are plenty of old-timers with a helluva lot more talent, and less baggage, than Barnicle. The boy is approached by a young Marine who lost his leg in Fallujah. Michael E. Barnicle provides a full range of litigation, compliance and corporate transactional services on virtually every facet of government contracting and international trade including industrial security and cybersecurity matters. Listen here: https://barnicle.969fmtalk.mobi/2009/09/25/92509-afghanistan.aspx. That changed everything. Mr. Barnicle's experience includes assisting clients with all aspects of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), contract-related statutes and federal agency policies involving services and supplies vital to national defense and infrastructure. So on Jan. 3, 2012, as candidates organize and hope for a finish that will fuel a continued campaign, Mary Ellen Ward will again and daily think of her son Tommy: Sgt. You may change your cookie settings at any time. Cmon, Dan, one more, just for old times sake. Barnicles View, with Mike Barnicle, Imus in the Morning, Monday-Wednesday-Friday, 6:55a & 8:55a. Please support this free blog by becoming a member of Media Nation. . He was on his second tour., Twenty-two, she answered. He's a familiar face on NBC and MSNBC and a staple at the Morning Joe table. (RELATED: Impossible Deadlines From The Get-Go: Fox News NatSec Reporter Says Military Was Given Herculean Task In Afghanistan). B.A., with distinction, University of Kansas, 2004, US Army Judge Advocate General's Corps, Government Contracts Trial Attorney, Washington, DC (201214); Government Contracts Attorney Advisor, Baghdad, Iraq (2011); Government Contracts Attorney Advisor, Ft. Bragg, North Carolina (20092010), U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division, Chicago, Judge Charles P. Kocoras, Member, Law360's 2023 Aerospace & Defense Editorial Advisory Board, Co-Founder and Advisory Board Member, John Marshall Law School Veterans Legal Support Center & Clinic (2007present), Member, University of Kansas, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Deans Advisory Board, Member, Boards of Contract Appeals Bar Association, Co-Leader, National Veterans Legal Clinic Coalition (201516), Planner, American Bar Association National Legal Network for Military and Veterans, Their Families and Caregivers (201516), Member, American Bar Association, Public Contract Law Section; Military and Veterans Affairs Liaison (2015present); Vice Chair, Construction Division (201416). Nicholas Xiarhos, a local 21-year-old man who died recently in Afghanistan, and the minimal newspaper coverage of his and other soldiers deaths. He said the bartender had given him "six or seven" such jokes. Gee, Chris Lydon is kind of under-employed these days, isnt he? Barnicle wrote Sunday: "Someday I'd love to see the Pope appear on his balcony and announce the baseball scores. During the course of any normal day I usually pay more attention to assembling a grocery list than I do to reading movie reviews, although there are a more than a few film critics who bring huge insight to their work. It changed a lot. After all, the man got an honorable discharge, qualified to fly jets, and if he skipped a few meetings in the last year of his obligation he sure wasn't alone in deciding to duck a weekend or two. 7/27/09: Barnicle tells the story of Marine Cpl. Mike Barnicle is a veteran print and broadcast journalist recognized for his street-smart, straightforward style honed over nearly four decades in the field. Mr. Barnicle also represents government contractors before federal agencies and various federal district courts throughout the country. "What can I do about that? Thomas Houser died exactly seven years ago, Jan. 3, 2005, while serving with the Marines in the violent city of Fallujah, Iraq. The day [the Marines] came to tell us Alex was dead, he poured gasoline all over himself and all over the inside of [their] car and lit it on fire. WebVeteran journalist Mike Barnicle has interviewed and profiled countless political and business leaders, union, government and military officials, athletes, celebrities and authors during Is there room for another radio station? By mid-afternoon, even before he knew his job was in jeopardy, Barnicle was feeling more subdued. Barnicle refused to quit, and a Globe spokesman would not say whether he was about to be fired. From any rational perspective, as evidenced by the above listing of media outlets of the highest standards and standing, it is time to move on. The Barnicle bombshell comes six weeks after Globe columnist Patricia Smith was forced to resign when she admitted she had fabricated all or part of four columns.
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