My wife dropped a bomb on me and told me out of guilt she started smoking ecigs (former smoker 9 yrs ago), and has been using "alot" for about 6 months. - Lighters everywhere. & nik my aunt & cousin were hypnotized 7 years ago & have not smoked since. Copyright 20052023 Only a smoker would understand. According to a study by researchers from Yale University, cigarette smoking affects the female brain differently from the male brain. One more side effect, vivid dreams really vivid dreams. walking home the four long blocks from the school where I teach. And ever since, he has never touched a cigarette for 18 years and counting. About 6 months later we had a fight and she told me she really just wanted to smoke. He should support and motivate you in your journey. She practiced while I was at work. She finally went to the store and bought a pack of VS 120's. We have a nice office in our home which only she uses. I never really liked doing it until after a breakup with a guy a little over a year ago. Unfortunately, smoking and its byproducts may deplete the quantity and reduce the quality of ovarian follicles. As a result, smokers take longer to get pregnant than non-smokers. Cold turkey If she starts messing with pills she could go even more kookoo. I have dated women who smoke cigarettes I had smoked for years. I smoked five packs of Kools a day in Viet Nam. all the time she has been saying she will quite both and re learn to drive yep she doesn't drive either and been mostly unemployed for 4 years, but always has a problem with bosses. Flat out leaving her will only make the situation worse. If your husband doesnt want to join the bandwagon, thats okay. It's really not ok. I know so many people who quit for a long time, then started again. I love my after sex cigarette, my husband's head resting on my breast. I started smoking at 17 and have had no problems with it. NNK is one of the strongest carcinogens found in cigarettes also known to cause lung cancer and breast cancer. This morning, staying home alone overthinking about . This is a good submission. Kicking snow over my ashes, I head inside, washing my hands at the kitchen sink. RT @Ruhrpott_44623: I started smoking at 17 and have had no problems with it. I called her once because she was super late and she said she wanted to get some air. About three months ago she talked about smoking and I couldnt imagine her doing that. I totally get it. I quit 15 years ago for 4 years. And Id rather be single than be with a smoker . Women do it for different reasons, one being their husbands. Your reaction . Needless to say, they moved in together and are both smoking 5 years later. Maybe she'd like you to be present. She cant smoke around the kids or in the house or wear the same clothes if she is to touch the kids she has So I lit up andwowI just loved it. However, lying about it is a deal breaker for me. Beside each item, list down what actionable steps you must take to avoid the particular trigger. But it turned out that my boyfriend had a fetish, not any fetish but a smoking fetish. My wife grew up in a household where her dad smoked til she was 14. I asked him about letting our daughter smoke, and he said he would likely be okay with it around age eight or so. I am becoming a heavy smoker. Don't push too hard unless you're willing to leave/lose her. We were having sex the other night i could smell it on her breath. I was trying to get pregnant and then I did and stayed quit. Oct 28, 2012. farside said: My wife and I have been married for seven years and over the course of our relationship I have kept something from her: I have a fetish for women that smoke. By the time hes ready, he will definitely seek your help. Just a nasty nasty habit. I think the late starting smokers spouses are hoping to cash in on a life insurance policy. Best of luck, CHANTIX, it worked like magic for me and I swear by it. We are high school sweethearts and she is the only woman I have ever had sex with. She says, I feel that refusing to fulfill his fantasy will push him towards pornography (or other women!) Maybe I was a little stressed out at the time. I get to see her smoke more and she is so much happier as well. Copyright 20052023 30 days and my 10 year old habit was gone. She grew curious every time and eventually bought a pack of cigarettes. But if you ever say any thing you are the biggest a/hole. I am 99% sure it was still sealed but honestly, I didnt think much about it. Women kill themselves & some kill their babies because of it. Wasnt until i googled lead poisoning and told him he had every freaking symptom of lead poisoning that he went and got tested for it. When I asked her yesterday, I made it clear that I am not mad. She seems really open to smoking even more. Then with the pandemic lockdown, some real gains happened. This is a genetic pre-disposition. Apologies for the long post. Unless you completely avoid all levels of closeness and intimacy in your relationship, smoking is a habit that leaves traces on even the most careful person. We are high school sweethearts and she is the only woman I have ever had sex with. Women that smoke is a turn on for me. They must be lights. - Casually and frequently Offering to go grab coffee for both of us and then spending 30+ min (the coffee shop is 2 min drive away). The only good thing is that the two of you will perhaps die at about the same time, if you consider that a worthy goal. Copyright Stay at Home Mum 2023. My wife smoked in her teens when I first knew her. Then I asked her if shes been smoking more frequently, and she said no. Edit: when this first started, I told her my concerns and shared all the articles everyones seen their entire lives. I want to make the COFFEE DATE SLICE listed on this website but there is no method! Its always been a dealbreaker for both of us. Smoking is a big problem for me but I think its workable. worker stated no try looking in top desk drawer, wife wrote. My wife started smoking and it driving a huge wedge between us. None of my friends, or family, smoke so I never really got a chance to try it. I loved to see her smoke. This may seem like a tedious task, but it will help you tremendously especially during the first few months. Lets be real about this. I smoke maybe half of that but I do really enjoy it. She is suffering frompost-natal depression and she started smoking cigarettes and Im at the end with them. patch at target brand is better then the nicotine one..tried both preferred targets and well its less expensivei quit..and i still wear the patch at times if i feel stress coming on a throw a patch on..anything instead of cigs. I love smoklng phillie tittan cigars the moor moors the better vs 120s by the catons, I love phillie titan cigars me and my smoke 3 packs of moore cigaretts each my i sugested we start smoking those cigars as a filler to get smoke a carton of moores we are loving this increas of smoking we feel ecitded to increase yours faithfully. Good luck if you love her get her help! Not wanting to talk about it is also acceptable. Instead, make an agreement with him. If it helps, he should avoid the topic of smoking. . Big wow from me. Welcome to your safe haven fellow smokers! nicoderm extra strength worked, felt like i had the flu for a week and was a raging lunatic for like three months. At the time, she didnt enjoy his smokers breath, especially whenever they kissed. This is just as bad for the baby because nicotine reduces the supply of breast milk. My wife, smoker, died miserably of lung cancer in 2017. A woman shares, My husband has a smoking fetish I am a smoker and am completely okay and enjoy smoking for my husband.. Virtually any woman, smoking a 120, looks 5 times more sexy than before she lit up. Privacy Policy. Showers, air freshener, mints, going outside, changing clothes, none of these actually work to get rid of the . This could lead to the premature aging of a womans eggs and an early transition to menopause. My wife however started to join me with the night ciggies and now she's started smoking at work. I quit smoking about a month ago and the withdrawals are tough and the addiction keeps trying to bring you back in. It even rained once, and she forgot to close it and her car became a mess (it only rains few times a year where we live.). It felt great! And as my husband slowly starts to smoke more and more, he doesn't seem to worry about quitting either. I feel really sexy smoking and it makes me horny while doing so. Im a smoker, quitting in 2 weeks time but it really is nasty . before my office went to the gymdont drink alchol either just makes you want a cig. I was busted and confessed that on ocassion I did smoke. If youre a smoker, youve probably wondered at some point: Do cigarettes expire? She said she could finish a pack every three days. All rights reserved. In the early seventies, when I was still in high school, I became pregnant, much to my family's chagrin. I did start dating again last summer and there were two guys I dated. The nicotine withdrawal of the last 5 days has been physically tough: Nausea, sweats, headaches, and a feeling of emptiness. Knowing your reason for this habit will help you better understand where you went wrong and how you can correct your past mistakes. A lot of support from good friends is important. Anyway, so once I found out I said I'd quit straight up as I don't want her doing it. The first girl I had a long term sexual affair with was older than I was (18/24) and was a smoker. We established no lying rule early in our marriage. I went on a stress spiral, this toppled my already full plate. She is not depressed (its what she tells me) and I believe it as Ive witnessed her depression years ago and no similar signs were appearing before this started. That's great, but in the process I brought myself up to smoking a little over four packs a day, (one every ten minutes or so. We hugged and kissed. I know her best friend is a heavy smoker. Specially since the weather is cool nowadays. This is especially true for relationships that live under one roof such as married couples. Its post PARTUM depression you fuck wit. As long as she enjoys it, smoking is a good thing. Not post natal. tell her she smokes, you leave. He was forced to smoke in the bathroom by the wife (a non-smoker), but for some reason let his kids in there. My wife started smoking and it driving a huge wedge between us. And some wives willingly smoke to satisfy their husbands fetish. I find it strange a grown woman suddenly starts smoking. I smoked for 8 years before quitting cold turkey. I tried to quit several times cold turkey and can remember jonesing so hard Id smoke a nasty butt from an ashtray. I smoke four packs a day, and have for a long time. P.S. That's a weird one, but that is kinda what fetishes are about. I think women do this later on because they've given up so much of themselves being mums & wives that they want to rebel. Anyway, the more I think about it the more excited I get -- and it will blow my husband's mind. I love inhaling deep and watching the smoke come out of my mouth. This makes the fallopian tubes an environment similar to the uterus. It was incredibly romantic and relaxing and a . Has anyone else had this sort of experience? She still wanted to be with him, and their common friends smoked anyway, so she decided to pick up the habit. Getting wife to smoke. I had smoked on and off for almost 20 years and it worked for me. I wish I could smoke during sex. Also, I am assuming that, since your wife no longer smokes, that this hasn't become a full-on "fetish" for you. My mom is a closet smoker who thinks that we didn't know she smoked. I am 18. I was more of a "take it or leave it" smoker, not necessarily feeling the need to smoke a cigarette as soon as I woke up in the morning, and my wife - well not so much. Pamela Lea, a woman who successfully kicked the habit after 30 years of smoking, advises smokers to look at their mistakes as learning experiences. They got tired of her lectures and convinced her to try it. Boys and Sleepwear or Lack Thereof - How Old? She was too ashamed to tell her OB-gyn. My wife, smoker, died miserably of lung cancer in 2017. Although they have both quit smoking 15 years into the marriage, she recalls feeling glad about her decision to smoke back then. farside, hookah bar is an awesome idea, atleast if she doesn't think it would lead to temptation, they often use herbs that have no medicinal qualities at all, no nicotine or tobacco. My husband wasn't a smoker when we met. Good for her! And it is a part of your relationship now. Cigarettes will start to taste terrible and after a couple of weeks, you really do lose all desire to smoke. we both enjoy it and really like the quiet times when we smoke together. I told her I saw the box of cigarettes and it was half empty. He asks me to hold a cigarette, take pictures of myself smoking it and send them to him. I dd not make a deal of it until I knew why she would start smoking so late in life. Traditionally, CBT is done in a professional setting with the aid of a professional therapist. I just felt I need to talk to vent. Drug therapy has been used by many people to quit smoking. 2 days later I was a non-smoker. Once identified, the patient can then learn new skills that change how you think about and respond towards cigarettes and the addiction to smoking itself. Many guys (like me) think its a turn on. Older people can sometimes make some very bad choices, much like their younger counterparts do. Nicotine gum? I am not sure how to deal with this. I was able to talk him down to six sense that's when school starts. . If you're a smoker who's also spiritual, you may wonder if you should pray to quit smoking. I dont want to be touched or kiss between a smoke and a shower and brushed teeth But the other night she tried to sneak one in when i was asleep and when she come back into the room i asked to have a shower and she spat it. Nikki had smoked fiv e cigarettes in the past five or six hours after smoking one in the previous 15 years of her life and she was hooked. By checking this checkbox, I hereby indicate that I have read and understood and agree to be bound by The Dirty Gossip's Terms of Service. At least it was his own decision to smoke. coworker,if she remember where she 'hid her cigarettes and lighter on. I tried to keep my head out of it but kissing and sex goes hand in hand. She had the pack in her purse. I started at 37. I would just explain to her that you've had this fetish for a long time and you finally feel comfortable sharing it with her as you are more confident about your sexualityetcmake sure you don't sound like you are pressuring her and make her feel as if this will strengthen the bond between you too You should just tell her straight up to start smoking while you're having sex if that's what you're into. Lately, I have noticed 2 crumpled packs in the trash before the evening, and she is on another pack, so she is around 2 packs right now and loving it. Personally, I don't worry about my health. I believed her since I recognized the box design that she bought from the airport (for her friend) when we were traveling together back in September. Cigarettes dont go bad in less than 5 months if sealed. You need to address why she is smoking and what she thinks it's doing for her. Don't stop, enjoy them. She could try Wellbutrin they say its used for depression and it curbs the need to smoke. I also want to be clear that by "compromise" I am not at all saying she should really smoke. 2 days later I was a non-smoker. My boyfriend telling me he was disgusted by it helped me, and the weening method. If you feel the same way, know that theres no right or wrong way to tell your husband about it: just be honest with what you feel, and be firm with your decision. It took me awhile to get up the nerve, since she knows me as an athletic type bicyclist, and when she apologized to me for smoking (out on her pool patio whilst surrounded by her family yet) I told her to go ahead and that I was always curious myself. Here's my dilemma, I am not 100% sure shes lying. In 2011, after more than 30 years, I bought an EGO-T just out of interest. She also said those cigarettes are old and her friend left it the car. We do not judge here. My husband cooled and now he loves watching me smoke. It also comes with a tracker so you can check your progress. Nice storyits a pleasure to be able to guide someone to the pleasures of becoming a smoker. It eventually reached a point wherein forcing himself to speak felt like he was tearing a scab off his throat. She knows my stance on smoking as this topic came multiple times since her father smokes (we eventually convinced him to quit). Then call the Quitline and talk to them about how you can help her to quit before years go by and she will find it harder. My wife, smoker, died miserably of lung cancer in 2017. I also LOVE smoking and have gotten other people started on it. No cigarette since that day. P.S. For more information, please see our Of course it isn't easy to do and I ran into him unexpectedly one night about 20 minutes after I had smoked one. She took her car later to go to the gym and was upset when she got back and asked why I keep searching her stuff. Answer (1 of 17): I smoked. So, how should you tell your husband that you want to quit smoking? Did you get your pre baby body back? Scan this QR code to download the app now. My husband smoked around ten cigs a day, and I always wanted him to smoke more. Should you leave your husband if he still forces you to smoke? I selfishly wanted her to smoke more. Do you find that satisfying the regular cravings from your addiction to nicotine to be very pleasurable? By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. This played out in a very interesting way. Her breath stinks, clothes stink, the inside of our new car stinks, and i don't want to subject my kids to that. 6 years. My partner smokes always has and initially was a deal breaker for me, I wish I honestly didn't drop my standards, she stinks of smoke it is like a force field the smell. She blames me for this, fair enough I suppose. It is the most disgusting habit ever, she . It might talk some sense into her. He says, I love to this day seeing Cathy with a cigarette in her hand, and smoke wafting from her mouth as she speaks to me. My 11 year old daughter was smoking in See today's best, hand picked, Amazon deals - Updated daily. Over time, smoking crept into every corner of her life. My mums wofkmate decided in her 50s to start smoking crystal meth. To give you an idea, here are common smoking triggers: There are different tried-and-tested smoking cessation methods that you can do. I've given away all the smokes in the house to coworkers. And dont say a hypnotist because my buddy Dave tried that twice and it never worked.- nik. Tldr; I think my wife has picked up smoking recently and probably lying about how much she smokes, despite all my efforts to talk about it. LOL. She can also speak to her doctor about quitting and the options availible. YOur wife is acting extremely selfish, she does not care about your innocent childrens health, your marriage and quite frankly you she is subjecting them to deadly diseases. 30 Apr 2023 12:09:30 This is when a fertilized egg attaches and grows elsewhere in the body like the fallopian tube instead of the uterus. Good for you two. and deprive him of a fully satisfying sexual life. He always had a smoking fetish as a child and was helplessly addicted to it. So what I started to do was every time I lit up, and I made sure she wasn't smoking at the time, I lit one for her too, so she of . 30 Apr 2023 12:44:32 and our You must have a plan in place to help you succeed. I must admit, we are really into it and maybe smoke twice a week. Even I'm up to 2 packs a day now. Prev: How To Use Black Pepper Essential Oil To Quit Smoking. I selfishly wanted her to smoke more. I guess there is a lot to be said for earlier experiences. I began when I was 13 and smoke a pack and a half a day of Benson and Hedges. i got her to try and she is now a smoker like me. Something A Bit Different. Why is it unacceptable to leave someone for that but ok for smoking. I started smoking at age8 i saw it as sexy with the women 1968 im old i know still love it all the way matt, Nice way to seek validation that everything youre doing is right. Wow, that is the quickest way for a hot woman to turn me off. It could also increase her risk of osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, stroke, breast cancer, and all-cause mortality. Unfortunately, they do not realize how much harm it can bring to their health until theyve become addicted to it. Ive been smoke free for almost 8 years. A link that will let you reset your password has been emailed to you. Its preference. I have been smoking about two packs a day (2.5 when I'm socializing) for about eight years. I feel bad for her. He wished he didnt suffer from it and doesnt want his wife to smoke either. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. Read up on 3rd hand smoke.. Contrarily, women smoke mainly for different reasons such as emotions and habits, although it does not mean they are less dependent on nicotine. Keep up the good work! She also has an office at her company, but she tends to work from home. I stopped and said i was to tierd and its wasn't going to happen. So liberating. In fact, she has already quit smoking, meaning she is choosing not to, so absolutely do not let her smoke a cigarette just to appease your fetish. She never smoked before or drank. Take a close up video of her puffing away and send it to her phone daily, as if that would work. It involves the use of FDA-approved prescription drugs that help interfere with the brains nicotine receptors. Unfortunately, her husband isnt on the same boat. So i see 2 ways pretend like its not a big deal and pray she just drops it or be a hard arse. We are both non-smokers and she is very anti-smoking and has nagged her father to quit for years. Seeing this development has broken my heart. So women do start late in life. Before this I had tried the gum, patches, e-cigs and none worked. As a dedicated smoker myself, I am actually happy for you two. Never in house. Want to read confessions and comments uncensored? He was a pretty distant dad. Archived post. I was able to knock out my depression and quit smoking with the antidepressant, Wellbutrin. Post partum is horrible! Your big nose? Like Cathy, did you start smoking years ago for your husband and would like to quit? Yesterday, I took her car again and remembered the box of cigarettes. This hormone is responsible for regulating the menstrual cycle and for preparing the uterus for pregnancy. Show her how supportive you are, give up a habit she doesnt like, and make it equal, dont walk out, shes hurt and sick, she is suffering right now and needs help, and you being her HUSBAND should be helping her NOT LEAVING! Its gross, smelly and selfish. Every once in a while i feel guilty that I turned her into a heavy smoker and she is ruining her health faster, but she is actually happy to be smoking more. Around the same time, I started smoking cigarettes (have since quit). They are afraid their husbands will love them less, cheat on them, or even leave them. I recently married the most amazing man in the whole world, "Jeremy.". Cigarette smoking is an addictive habit prevalent in males. She smokes a lot, maybe 1.5 packs a day. I am sharing too much (maybe irrelevant) details because it's eating me inside and I am trying to vent. Follow us for the best, hand picked confessions. Then read on to know about the effects of smoking on your body, how your brain responds to it, and the steps you could take to finally kick the habit. I wanted to plug my phone in the arm-rest compartment. If it means anything, all my friends are smokers thats why I still have friends! Over the last few months, I saw signs of frequent smoking habits but never connected the dots and 100% believed her, until recently. Or are you just going to trade her for a model that doesn't smoke? She said its been there for ages and they are dry and unusable. I didn't know she could smoke like that. When the progesterone levels are at their peak, the brain blocks nicotine receptors. Shes probably hiding the box somewhere at work and grabbing a pack every week or so. I'd be very upset if my husband just took up smoking out of the blue. He sorta made a joke out of it when it was obvious where I'd been. However, she is concerned that her efforts are not enough after finding out her husband fantasizes about other women who also smoke. But with the right mindset and attitude in life, you will eventually find the best method to help you break free from this addiction. Don't get me wrong, it is really bad that your wife started smoking. What about E-cigarettes? This vape pens are cool. Scan this QR code to download the app now. In fact, help him to INCREASE his intake! I was with a guy who liked smoking girls. To wash her hair, her face her skin if she is to have contact with them after smoking. I told her that I she really enjoyed she should do it. My husband always tells me how sexy I look when I'm smoking, so I kind of want to start smoking more, but I don't think I could get much above five packs, even when I'm a stay at home mom. If both sexes attempt to quit smoking, this implies men may relapse the moment they experience again the pharmacological effects of nicotine, while women may relapse due to both sensory and environmental cues such as the smell of cigarette smoke, the act of holding a cigarette, and the mere feeling of inhaling and exhaling that mimics smoking. i was a closet smoker organic cigs..1 to 2 packs a week for 20 yrs. I gave up when I found out I was pregnant with my first. That was the first week of march and still not one ciggie . But this isn't very easy for her. ~ David Deida. A perfect example of this is the story of Carry Aguillard, who is a former high school teacher and coach. How the pandemic got people smoking again. I smoke a pack a day, same brand. He likes to smoke now too. Also worth mentioning that third hand smoke, that foul smelling crap that clings to hair, clothing, walls, and furniture, has now been shown to be carcinogenic and harmful to those who come into contact with it, therefore the children of smokers are put in harms way even if the parents are not smoking in front of the kids. About three months ago she talked about smoking and I couldn't imagine her doing that. Her car, her purse and her work laptop bag. They must be lights. at the same time a health nut vitamin popping vegetarianfemale 59 i wanted to quit but loved it..i found for me the patch worked wonders..i put it on every a.m. thats key every a.m. when you wake upnow its ok if you cheat just keep doing it..eventually may eat more so prepare yourself with acceptance you will gain weight for a period of time. She said all her life she wanted to try smoking and never did. Gross, deal breaker for me too. Cathy started smoking cigarettes years ago for her smoker husband named Paul. It was not the nicotine that hooked her and she certainly did not have an addictive personality - she didn't even care for coffee - it was the pure feeling that smoking gave her. My wife tried pulling that over me as well. My favorites for NJOYs. In 2011, after more than 30 years, I bought an EGO-T just out of interest. We talked i made so rules that. But you're also cracking this up to be on the level of an affair or something. Now 5 years into our relationship and just married. I saw my wife completely different after this. yh you can just have the vapor and no nicotine. I still hadn't smoked in front of him but I found myself taking more chances (like when we were at parties together and I'd slip away outside). But as with any situation, the best step to overcoming a problem is to understand it fully. When we go out with friends and when we are alone I love watching her light up. I have a fiery determination and indefinite patience to remain free from smoking. About two hours into the wedding most of the "direct" family had left and I found my wife at the bar smashing back drinks with her cousin's wife. If you do not receive your email shortly, please check your spam folder. I am starting to feel good about myself again. Background: I (32m) have been together with my wife (29f) for 9 years now (7 married). I Let My Son Smoke Cigarettes: Is It Too Late to Help Him Quit? And yes--we do enjoy many smokes together! They want to satisfy their husbands fetish.